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Repper: pattern creation tool

Turning images into eye-catching designs.

Printed fashion with Repper design

Repper is a creative tool that helps designers and others to create their own patterns from images. The idea is to have an easy and fun way to design patterns, unlike the cumbersome and time-consuming tools currently on the market.

Repper has been sold to over 1500 people all around the world and is an inspiration for other designers, creatives and is used as an educational tool in many places.


2009 - Now


studio:ludens, our own company

My role

Pretty much everything, from design to programming to promotion, customer support and website design & programming.


Wouter Walmink


Flash, Actionscript & Adobe Air (for the tool)


Wordpress, HTML & CSS (for the website)

The (in)famous Lasercut Repper Banana

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The Idea

Repper started from a simple idea, posed by a friend. The initial prototype was built in a couple of days. We released it and soon many blogs (including lifehacker) and boingboing) were talking about it. The feedback from this experiment gave us the confidence to develop it into a fully-featured tool.

Evolution of the Repper Interface

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Playful interaction

We developed Repper with the focus on user experience and instant gratification. Designing should be fun and inspiring, so we made the interaction as direct and intuitive as possible. Users are encouraged to play with the pattern, to explore how an image can be transformed and to quickly try out a lot of different possibilities.

Repper interface

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From idea to product

In the course of a year, Repper went from idea to product. We built a website around it and started selling it online. Although it was created for a specific niche market, we were surprised by the amount of people from different background who started using it in their creative process.

Repper Website

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Repper for education

For me the most rewarding part of the process was the use of Repper in education. When promoting Repper we noticed how easy and fun it was for people without a design background to use Repper and to have fun with it. At one point, we got requests from a number of teachers and museums to use Repper for educational ends.

So we decided to give away Repper for free to educational institutions. Since then, over 2000 students have used Repper in the classroom, learning about creativity and mathematics in an amazingly fun way. I'm very excited about that!

Results of Repper workshop @ Textielmuseum

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Creatives using Repper

Repper has been used by creative people from all sorts of different backgrounds. From fashion design to graphic design, DIY projects to education, the way that Repper is incorporated in creative processes inspires and delights me.

Repper cushions by Sacred & Profane

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